Friday, August 6, 2010


Solar Power -
I now have 2 batteries, and am still running a 12V system to keep it simple.
I have 3 sets of 45 Watt Panels connected to the Charge controller (MPPT), running 3 sets of series parallel panels. (Utilizing the HV input.) It works great. I'm still only using Solar for about 1/2 of my home lighting, and charging batteries, phones, laptops, etc. By batteries hit full every day, so I need to move more things over to that system to better utilize it.
I also purchased a backup generator for when the power is out. This happened several times this Summer, and the sump pump runs the battery down pretty quick.

HAM Radio -
I have my antenna mast. Still shopping for my first radio and a base antenna. I joined ARRL. :)

Family tree -
Worked a lot on this, and have made it far. My pro membership is set to not renew in a week, and I'll take a break until at least winter time on this. It's been fun and informative to work on this. I'll have to make a whole new blog to put up info on interesting people I've discovered in my tree. :)

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