Friday, May 21, 2010

Solar Power Update

"I can't do it captain. I haven' t got enough power!"
Well I don't have any Di-lithium crystals... But. I do have 4 Harbor Freight Solar panel kits.
I also have my MPPT500HV charge controller on the way. :)
BZ Products Manual for the new charge controller

I have a total of 180 Watts of panels. The panels are going to be connected in parrelel / Series, giving a total array voltage output of up to 75 volts. I am going to keep an eye on the voltage, and I may end up doing 4 in series instead of 3 if the V stays below 75 at all times. (Don't want to overload the controller...) So... This should reduce the loss on the power line by a factor of 3 - 4, and the MPPT should save me about another 12% Efficiency. Not to mention that I will be running a 180 Watt System instead of my 13 Watt.

With this update, I plan on doing all my laptop charging, exterior lights, and possibly work to make some sort of solar powered geothermal cooling system... Down the road. Stay tuned for more mad ideas from The Green Bandit!

Of note - I also want more batteries to store the charge... and am thinking of running my primary power storage at 24Volts with a smaller system setup for 12V power distribution to lower power devices. (I want to try to use 24V UPS units as inverters for the system.)

Anyways... Lots of options. So little time / money. ;)