Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Solar Power, Conservation, & Alternative Energy News

Latest Orweller News - 07-01-09
My solar pannel is installed on my roof, charging my backup battery, and hooked up to lights in my breaker box / server control area, and my living room.

I am working to convert my cell phone and NiMH Battery charging all over to the solar power system.

It's not huge... But it is a lot of fun. Next time the power goes out I will be the cool guy on the block. :)


Jonathan Orweller said...

I also just swapped out some of my light bulbs for LED bulbs, and some for CFL. The LED Bulbs are a little disappointing in total light output, but light per watt is OK. (.5 watt - 2 watt per bulb)

I also added a dusk to dawn light sensor on my out door light. Should reduce that bulb cost by 66%.

Jonathan Orweller said...

I decided to start another blog just for alternative energy (on a budget) and green living.

See the bog here!

Jonathan Orweller said...

Latest Update -
I now have a total of 180Watts of Solar panels from Harbor Freight that are waiting for spring for installation.

Before connecting these, I need to purchase a larger charge controller to handle the higher power.

I am looking at 250-500 Watt MPPT controllers, and thinking about the High Voltage option, which allows the panels to run 100V to the charge controller. (12,24,48 out from there)
Sigh... So many things to buy. But at least I am already seeing a small return on my currently installed 13 watt panel.

Boy... That will be a big step up.