Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Basement / Flood Reparation Updates

Some of you have been following my work on the basement. My basement flooded in January 2007. It took close to 6 months to get the basic flooding problem taken care of. We lost a lot of personal items to the flood damage. (Try to remember - Don't sit stuff on the floor in a basement...) We had to tear out all of the walls and carpet and drywall and wood paneling in the entire basement. It took a while to get the mold problem under control.

We had to take a 2nd mortgage to have Everdry Systems come out and install their fancy water system. We got the outside of the house worked on, as well as the interior. Also they threw in the easy breath system. I was surprised how well that works too... Since the system has been in place there has been no water problems in the basement. (Once the sump quit, but the sump pit just overflowed into the drain a foot away... and Everdry came out the next day to upgrade / replace the sump under warranty.)

Once that was in place we had to sand off the rest of the peeling paint on the floors and walls, and re-paint with moisture resistant primer. (Harry Baker helped with this.)

I had Jim Martin out to help re-frame the basement, and start the drywall process. Most of the basement is re-drywalled now, and the framing is done. I have not finished the taping and mudding yet.

I am trying to make a little progress on it every week now, so that eventually the project will be done. My basement was half finished before, and will be completely finished on one side when I am done.

I'll try to post update pictures as progress continues.

Solar Power, Conservation, & Alternative Energy News

Latest Orweller News - 07-01-09
My solar pannel is installed on my roof, charging my backup battery, and hooked up to lights in my breaker box / server control area, and my living room.

I am working to convert my cell phone and NiMH Battery charging all over to the solar power system.

It's not huge... But it is a lot of fun. Next time the power goes out I will be the cool guy on the block. :)